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Abuse of prescription drugs can produce serious health effects. Commonly abused classes of prescription drugs include opioids (for pain), central nervous system depressants (for anxiety and sleep disorders), and stimulants (for ADHD and narcolepsy).

Prescription medication addiction is a growing problem in the world today and the number of illnesses that are now treated with powerful painkillers is helping to fuel this growth. Whilst most people try to avoid known illegal drugs, they assume prescription painkillers are safe in comparison. More than a million people in the UK and 16 million people in the USA are estimated to be addicted to prescription drugs.

If you think you think you have a prescription drug addiction, signs and symptoms may include: 

  • Taking prescription drugs that aren’t meant for you
  • Taking prescription drugs for reasons or in dosages other than as prescribed
  • Anxiety, paranoia or dangerously high body temperatures
  • Irregular heartbeat, seizures, or drowsiness
  • Making up symptoms to get more medication
  • Getting medication from sources other than
    your GP
“I strongly feel that my counsellor listened to, and understood, my needs and this was reflected in my care. The staff and the operation as a whole is very professional and at the same time friendly in every way. I strongly feel that the treatment I have received at Life Works has been beneficial to me”.
Chris Cordell Luxury Rehab, Addiction & Mental Health Expert at The Cottage Surrey

Chris Cordell

Hospital Director and Registered Manager

People need to address their addictions as they are not going to get better by themselves. There is a lot of belief that people can use their will power or some magic thing will happen, the reality is that is just not true.

The Cottage offers extensive aftercare planning; we want to ensure every client who leaves The Cottage is fully supported for the future, not just during their stay with us. We provide information on services such as ‘sober living’ companies and sign post you towards safe and reliable contacts. Often we don’t take an active role in aftercare but provide you with suggestions and helpful contacts so you can continue to live as normal of a life as possible.

If you or someone you are close to shows any of these signs then The Cottage can be your road to recovery. We ensure an environment that is free of temptation whilst still considering your medical needs. We provide round-the-clock care for prescription drug addiction and our treatment is structured around your individual needs.

Our highly skilled medical team will supervise you through a detox process and this will be supported by the most refined of holistic treatments such as yoga and meditation. Our luxury addiction treatment programme will help you break your dependence on prescription drugs.

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Chris Cordell Luxury Rehab, Addiction & Mental Health Expert at The Cottage Surrey

Chris Cordell

Hospital Director and Registered Manager

Chris Cordell has over 20 years of managerial experience, a proportion of which have been at a senior level for a leading UK Third Sector substance misuse organisation. He has been Hospital Director and Registered Manager for Life Works since 2010.

Steve Clarke Luxury Rehab, Addiction & Mental Health Expert at The Cottage Surrey

Steve Clarke

Therapy Services Manager and Lead Eating Disorder Therapist

Steve is a member of the BACP and FDAP and has worked for several years in private practice specialising in the psychology of addictive behaviour and holds a MSc in Addictions Psychology and Counselling at London South Bank University. He specialises in an integrative approach drawing on a wide variety of therapeutic modalities. He looks at how addiction forms psychologically, genetically and biologically. Steve holds a Master Practitioner qualification in eating disorders & obesity which is approved by the British Psychological Society Learning Centre. In the past Steve has worked for a charity specialising with children of dysfunctional families including bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown, neglect and trauma. Not only does he specialise in addiction and eating disorders, but Steve also has a background with several senior roles with blue chip corporate organizations and as such fully understands the complexity and difficulty how addiction and eating disorders also impacts within the workplace.

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